Goldenball's Super-secret diary!
So... You're a new arrival to Tumblr here eh? Salutations. The name is ForlanceAbice, at your service ma'am. Just an early warning, be sure to expect some VERY odd comments, those of the sexual nature. In any case, I wish you well on your endeavors. As a gift, have this juice box and backpack! The backpack can hold fifty items. You can upgrade said backpack to hold more.


You got me a backpack!? I’m so excited! Mmmm… I love cherry flavored juice.

((Author’s note: Heehee. I’m no new person to Tumblr, kind sir. I’m fully aware of the worst of what the website has to offer.))


Dear Diary,

I’m nervous about my new room. I walked outside and these colts were there and they took my lunch money! They weren’t very nice, they hit me when I wouldn’t let them have it right away. I told a teacher about it, and they got my money back, but didn’t make them say sorry. They called me a tattle-tale when the teacher left. I don’t like them.

At least I still have Bingey and Mister Bubbles. But, Mister Bubbles has the flu, and Bingey is sad.
I’m so lonely.


Dear Diary,

Why do ponies write that? You’re just a book! You can’t write back! Anyway, since I’m old enough, I get to be on the top floor of my orphanage! I get a nice big room, and a really big window that I can look at the night out of all the time! I love looking at the stars, and the big circly moon is always there to say goodnight to me!

But it’s kinda lonely up here in my room. It’s big and tall, and there’s another bed on the other side of the room. Bingey and Mister Bubbles get that bed for now. At least I have them, but I’d like another pony who will talk back.

Why are you so sad?

Sad? I’m not sad! What makes you think I’m sad? I’m happy as can be! Happy happy happy! Who told you I was sad?


Dear Diary,

Hi diary! I’m Goldenball! It’s my birthday today, and I got a diary from Nurse Waxing Moon. She said I could write anything in it. And that it didn’t matter if my sentences were made wrong. Because nopony else was gonna read them unless I showed it to them. So maybe Bingey or Mister Bubbles will know what I write. Bingey and Mister Bubbles are my dollies! They’re so nice, I’ll draw a picture of them in here soon. Um, well, I don’t know what else to write, I’ll write something tomorrow! Bye!

((I know it isn’t much to start with, but I promise, it’s gonna get interesting soon enough))

Dear tumbling diary…

Hiii tumblr! That’s a weird name… does it mean that this place tumbles a lot?

Anyway, my name is Pan–er–Goldenball! And this is my new Diary! You can look if you want to, why else would I put my diary up here?

Do you have pancakes? I Reeeaaally like pancakes.